A Look at Different Firewall Product Features

One of the best features that can be integrated into your device to review incoming protocols is firewall. They are able to take necessary action based on that. They can also do multiple conditional evaluations. check here for more details.

Such conditional judgments are sometimes called ‘rules.’ When a fire wall is installed it is set with guidelines that it must strictly obey. For example, if the company policy specifies that access to the FTP site is only open to the sales department, the firewall may be set accordingly.

So, it won’t be possible, even though any other department wants to access the site. Fire walls are in this aspect to networks which privilege schemes are to operating systems. For instance, Windows XP lets you define which users can access a directory or a file. Similarly, firewalls will give you access control over your websites or workstations on the network.

Any other features that are included in the firewall include:

  1. A) Virtual Private Networking:-These are also known as VPN’s. VPN’s are used to safely transfer the traffic over aggressive networks from point A to point B. There are several companies providing such services in the free market. Many devices dedicated to firewall provide both LAN-to-LAN and VPN functionality.
  2. B) Load Balancing:-It is more of a general concept and refers to the art of the distributed flow of traffic. Many firewalls devices nowadays often include other features such as a centralized way of guiding FTP traffic and the internet.
  3. C) Filtering of content:-Businesses may wish to prevent their employees from accessing such websites such as: underground websites, pornography websites and web-based email. Filtering content features in a firewall product let you do just that. It blocks all but the specified pages.
  4. D) Network Address Translation:-Typically used to map blocks of illegal addresses to legitimate ones. Although NAT’s are not security related, firewall products are devices that make use of them in the corporate world.
  5. E) Identification of intrusion:-Commonly speaking, the word may mean something. But some manufacturers are beginning to incorporate various types of items into their firewall offering in that sense. Even though this doesn’t build a problem in itself, users have to be a little wary of the workload that might be put on their firewall.

Fault tolerance:-Few higher end firewall devices produced by companies such as the Nokia / Checkpoint combination and Cisco PIX support some kind of fail-over functionality.

Fault tolerance features of firewall products are often called High-Availability features. Advanced versions of the features of fault tolerance require the firewalls to run in pairs. When one computer is working in this case, the other will serve as a stand-by.