Be a Responsible Citizen – Use Eco Friendly Products

These days environmentally friendly products and materials are being increasingly used as it helps to reduce global warming & pollution. It is the responsibility of each and every individual to contribute to clean & healthy environment. Make your contribution, then, by going green and using environmentally friendly products to build or renovate your home. Interested readers can find more information about them at this official site.

One has to make use of natural stones, which can be used to construct both the interior as well as the house’s exterior. Marble and graphite are good examples of natural stones which are widely used to construct homes; they are durable and require minimal maintenance. These stones also provide an elegant outlook, and are highly reasonable in terms of price.

Your roof can also be painted in white or light colours. This look will not only be elegant, but will also help to reflect back the harmful radiation; this is also a good alternative to keeping your home cool in the natural way. US Energy Secretary and Nobel prize-winning scientist Steven Chu stated that the green house effect can be minimised by making a reflective building where the sunlight is bounced back into the space.

Make use of environmentally friendly products such as environmentally friendly flooring material whilst building or refurbishing your home. Recently, since these eco-friendly products are attractive, durable and affordable, these have become quite rage. In addition, there are so many options to choose from, such as bamboo which gives a wood-like effect. Cork flooring, linoleum flooring, stone flooring, ceramic or glass tiles are other options. All these are eye catching options, come in a variety of colours and are both sturdy and durable. Besides this, you can also use radiant electric floor heating systems based on the thermal heat radiation principle. This is more beneficial than using other heating options, such as heat from electric baseboards, gas furnaces, wood and boilers. Electric floor heating systems have less energy consumption and prove to be highly economical.

In addition, you can use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions that don’t contain harsh and harmful chemicals. The harmful chemicals present in traditional cleaning solutions can cause breathlessness, dizziness and discomfort as well as long-term side effects like cancer. Besides this, chemicals such as chlorine bleach, ammonia, sodium hydroxide and phosphates found in traditional cleaning solutions are environmentally harmful. Make use of environmentally friendly cleaning solutions consisting of biodegradable components with a neutral pH (7) to clean your home.