Buddha Garden Statue

Every original Buddha picture stands as a vibrant embodiment of the true spirit, radiating the poise and equanimity, the humility and empathy, the power of unity inside each one of us. There is nothing greater in this universe than the Buddha figure; it is an absolute true manifestation of buddhism in the physical sphere. Feel free to find more information at  buddha garden statue

An initial image of the Buddha is a work of contemplation and meditation. The role of one who will build it is to offer the qualities of a giant amongst men dynamic speech. To have some chance of success in this, a sculptor was obligated to stick exclusively to a religious existence, at least throughout his research time. It was only by intense contemplation that he could achieve the integrity of mind required for the mission.

Buddha’s consistency is not simply a question of esthetics, but rather of respect. An original figure can obtain reckless treatment from an art dealer, thereby saving its strength. Nor is it any different than a museum, where it is not valued religiously, even if it might be provided for with reverence. But when the image has been preserved in a Buddhist monastery or center for some period, nourished by the zazen practiced there, it acquires a profound silence and a radiance, independent of its visual quality.

Besides the image of the Buddha, the whole altar upon which it sits, with its arrangements and offers, is a visible and vibrant manifestation of the essential teachings of the Buddha. Vacuum, impermanence, harmony, humanity … both of these values are here.