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Some of the things he might list are: inviting everyone to come, offering directions to the restrooms, and letting guests know during dinner whether the bar will be open or closed. How the bride / groom has determined “how they will kiss” is one topic the MC will share with the guests. Clanging the dishes is usually the standard way, but this is becoming less and less popular. In reality, most venues tend not to hit guests with their dishes. It can not only damage the dishware, but can become an irritating sound for all guests.Learn more by visiting¬† New York Bride & Groom of Columbia, SC

Instead, let ‘s look at some fresh and cool ideas. How about a ring toss or a hula hoop? What about the guests singing a love song, telling the bride and groom a joke or storey? You can even add games such as a putting contest, wheel or twister roulette. How about balloons with a note inside them? No matter how silly it may be, the guest must pop the balloon and follow the instructions inside the ballroom. Have you ever considered a donation box left at the table in the head? They should put some change or bills in the charity box each time a guest wants you to kiss you. What a good idea to give back!

On each guest table, put a bowl of Hershey kisses and each time a guest brings a Hershey kiss to the bride / groom, they must kiss and then have to eat the chocolate! The chocolates even add a bit of additional decor to your guest tables! Well, let the D.J. Get in on the action and have guests ask for a song and have to kiss the bride / groom when he plays it. Maracas, thunder sticks, whistles may be pre-set, and the sign for the bride / groom kiss is when the guests begin to use them. If this is too distracting for you, then all the guests will have their napkins waving in the air. Nice to work it out with the D.J. and with the napkin waving, add a little music. There are infinite choices out there and you try to build your own idea if none of these desires are involved.