Everything You Need to Know About Plantation Shutters

Traditionally made with wide wood slats, plantation shutters are a good choice for those who are looking for a window treatment that allows air to flow freely while still blocking the sun to keep privacy while keeping the room cooler. You may want to check out Window Shutters Henley for more. Also known as jalousies or louvers, they are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, allowing to mount them on almost any form of window.

Since the Middle Ages the basic design has been in use, when the windows were merely open spaces and did not actually contain glass. The shutters were closed when the weather was poor so as to keep out rain , snow or cold temperatures. On the other hand, when the weather was hot, the shutters were opened to let the fresh air in, and ventilate the house. This shutter style was particularly common among colonists who moved from Europe into the Caribbean or South America. This growing usage on plantations is where the shutter style received its name.

The most common type of shutters in plantation style features a rod in the centre, used to open and close the blinds. And other types are hinged. This requires removal of the shutter from the window so that extra ventilation can be accomplished. Others featured hinged panels, which allows to fold only part of the back shutter if desired.

These types of shutters are traditionally made from wood but it is also possible to buy plantation shutters made from a number of other materials. Planting shutters made from plastic materials and other composites are becoming increasingly popular. Planting shutters are also available which are constructed from recycled composite materials, which is a nice choice for those looking for more environmentally friendly window treatments.