Find Best Durian Mooncake

Mooncakes are pastries made in China. They ‘re usually eaten during the festival in mid-autumn. As the name suggests this festival is for the watching of celestial worship and the sky. They are deemed indispensable delicacy during the mid-autumn festival. We can not resist stopping them. When enjoying the event, people give these to friends and family members. It should be noted that this festival is one of the three great Chinese festivals. They are usually oval or rectangular in form and weigh between 10 cm in diameter and 4-5 cm in length. These are large, hard and compact as contrasted with other pastries in western countries. Lotus seed paste and yolk of salted duck eggs make up the filling of a mooncake. Mooncakes are typically consumed with chinese popular tea.Check out the best durian mooncake can be found at Emicakes for more info.

Classic Mooncakes (top) have an impression on their back. This stamp is in Chinese and usually implies durability and peace. Beyond that, they also have different patterns imprinted on them. The salted duck egg used for filling in the mooncake symbolizes Full Moon. Now-a-days most people get those bakery pastries. And there are already people at home who are training them. Mooncakes’ quality has not been reported. It is dependent on used bakery and material. In Asian markets one can find cheap and expensive sorts of Mooncakes. Such pastries are typically wrapped in a box of four.

In different parts of China this delight is prepared in different styles. Different stuff and ways of preparing different types of Mooncakes are used. Mooncakes are an integral part of China’s Mid-Autumn festival. People began to make Mooncakes jelly too. Variations have been found in Mooncakes recipes but I would agree that the practice of baking and enjoying this delicacy with friends and relatives continues to be high.