Hire Best Indoor Air Quality Testing Service

Indoor air quality is a very important factor to employee health. Air quality directly impacts an employee’s health, comfort and concentration levels. Poor air quality indoors can be the reason most people fall ill. Indoor air quality testing therefore constitutes an investment in your employees ‘ health and the continuity of your business. It further increases the average working-place air quality. The quality of the indoor air is also called indoor environmental quality.You may want to check out A-1 Certified Environmental Services, LLC for more.

The quality of the indoor air is affected by several factors. This may involve irregular temperatures, inadequate drainage and movement of soil, mold and spores, elevated pollutant rates and other pollutants of suspended particulate matter. Thus, fresh air, adequate sunlight, good ventilation systems and controlled humidity can create a healthy working environment at any place of work. Often, odor control may also be an integral part of keeping indoor air high quality.

Here are a few indicators that the indoor air quality at your workplace is probably not up to the mark:

1. The appearance of constant odd, disturbing odours.

2. Uncomfortable temperatures and a feeling of stuffiness and uneasiness that makes a work environment unconductive.

3. Employees often continuously talk of cough, nausea, and sneezing when at work, but show no such signs while out of service.

4. Headaches and drowsiness resulting from lack of adequate ventilation.5. Employees who have complained about itching and skin irritation due to the presence of dust mites.

All of these are symptoms that in terms of air quality, your building or facility is not being professionally managed. The best solution to cope with this issue will be to hire a qualified company’s services which can conduct air quality monitoring.

The results from these tests will give you a clear picture of the issues. For example, there might be some leaks and see pages in your building that probably contribute to the increased levels of humidity. Those can be addressed through waterproofing.