Luxury Jewelry Safes – The Perfect Home For Your Valuables

If you rely on places of hiding to protect your most precious belongings, then you should find a safe luxury for your home. These are not the hideous gray boxes with plastic black dials that often come to mind when taking a safe photo. Luxury safes offer a variety of high-gloss designer colors that suit a room or closet decor. The plastic combination locks have been replaced by sleek digital high-tech locks which will keep the world out but let you in with ease.You may want to check out Vancouver Luxury Jewelry for more.

If you are sick of sifting through boxes of knotted chains and missing earrings, your jewels will be arranged and covered by a personalized interior jewelry. To build The Perfect Home For Your Valuables, choose from a range of exotic woods and soft suede.

Location, place, place. If the safe can not be accessed conveniently then you are less likely to use it. The ability to deliver custom sizes enables installation of the safe anywhere in your house. If space is limited, safes can be designed to fit into wardrobes or armoires. Since no two people have the same collection of jewelry, the drawers are specially configured to satisfy each client’s storage needs. Automatic watch winders can be mounted within drawers for watch collectors.

Beyond the aesthetic appeal and usability of luxury safes, burglary and fire protection are mainly the reasons for purchasing a lock. Hence, understanding the differences between safes is very important in order to choose the one that offers the level of protection you are seeking.

Safes fall into three categories: fire protection, burglary protection, and fire and burglary protection combination. There are varying levels of consistency within these groups.

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) check and rate the higher-quality safes.

The least expensive is the fire protection safes. They are only built of fire-resistant materials, and do not provide protection against burglary. To prevent burning of paper, they are designed to keep the temperature inside the safe below 350 degrees.

Burglary security safes are made of steel, and do not provide protection against fire. They range from minimal hotel-style safes to UL-rated high-security safes.

Burglary / Fire protection safes are of the highest quality and provide both protection against burglary and fire. This is the most popular type of safe, and can also be found in many quality levels. It is prudent to buy one which has a UL rating when investing in a safe of this kind. Many manufacturers do their own in house testing, but unless tested by an independent facility like Underwriters Laboratories you can never be sure of its quality. UL exposes the safes to multiple forced entry checks and ranks the safes according to the length of time it takes to break in. It is the same technique used in the jewellery and banking industries to check high-security safes. A luxury safe should have a UL rating to ensure you get the security you pay for.