Northampton Country Club- A Summary

Being part of a country club is a great opportunity to make new acquaintances, meet old friends and exchange golf tips and tricks. The beauty of country clubs is that they offer a suitable social environment in which you can spend a lot of quality time. Here you will find golf pros and amateurs and you are very likely to find a golf partner or adversary that is at the same skill level as you are. Finding the right country club to join may be a bit difficult though, since some areas have a multitude of clubs to choose from. If you live in a small and remote area, you might be “forced” to join the closes country club, especially if it is the only one! Other areas, however, may have a few dozen country clubs in a single small radius, which makes your choice even more difficult. Here are a few things that you might want to consider before joining a country club.Find additional information at Northampton Country Club.

Your golf buddies

Do you have friends that are members of a certain country club? This might be a good reason to check out that particular place and give it a shot, especially if you enjoy hanging out with your friends. On the other hand, knowing that a certain neighbor, coworker or acquaintance has joined a country club may be a deterrent.

How far is the country club from your home? Although longer drives might also be pleasant, you might often miss out on some country club events because you do not have the necessary time to attend them.

Membership fees
Many country clubs require their members to pay certain fees for the services they provide. Make sure to choose a country club that has fees you find fair, so that you don’t feel sorry after a while that you became a member.

What is your goal? Do you want to relax and play some easy golf with friends? Or do you want to sharpen your golfing skills and play with better opponents that will help you improve your swings? These are the most important factors concerning which country club to join. But if all else fails, then pick one out of the phone book with a blindfold on and cross your fingers!