Perth Ridge Pointing – How to Repoint Ridge Tiles

Roof tiles and mortar joints should be checked at least annually. Simple mortar cracks can prevent leaking roofs and expensive reroofing jobs. Pay special attention to ridge tiles because they are exposed to weathering on all sides and can show cracks in the mortar joints before other roof tiles. If cracks are identified in the mortar between ridge tiles, repoint the joints or rebed the ridge tile.You may want to check out Perth ridge pointing for more.

If the cracks are small and the tile appears firmly bedded, repointing the mortar is acceptable. When the mortar holes are as large as the mortar joint, and the ridge tile appears to have some action, rebutting the entire tile instead of repointing is a great option. If you repoint a tile that is no longer firmly bedded, the repair won’t last long and the crack will quickly recur.

The most important thing when repointing is safety. When working on the roof, be sure to attach to a sturdy structure. As well as considering your own safety on the roof, it is advisable to set up a roped off area on the ground where falling objects may land. Repointing ridge tiles is like repointing brick or block job. Once secured, use a metal spike to rake mortar in joints that need repointing. Dampen the contact, add mortar, and smooth the gap between the ridge tiles using a pointing trowel.

Unfortunately, sometimes the needs to be rebedded instead of repointed which requires a little more work. Again, use all safety precautions while working on the roof. Using a hammer and chisel to cut mortar and ridge stone. Using the hammer and chisel to extract the mortar from the roof bed from the bottom of the ridge stone. Once the ridge tile is off, removing the ridge iron is a good idea, particularly if there is some rust proof. Remove any organic matter, such as moss or mold, and use a fungicide to ensure cleanliness. Then soak in water mixing mortar. Mix a stiff 3:1 mortar (sharp sand: cement). Dampen the roof while you work. Mortar each side of the ridge stone, using a trowel to place a mortar bed on the wall. Place on the bed and press down. Delete some squishing mortar between joints. Ensure joint gaps are filled and pointed trowel smooth joints.