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Snorkeling is a popular sport, which is enjoyed in marine flora and fauna wherever clear still water abounds. Some maritime tourist destinations have become favourite fans, such as Hawaiian Islands beaches, the Caribbean, Florida and California beaches.You may want to check out Maui Snorkel Charters – Kihei Group Snorkeling Tours for more.

In Australia the whole Great Barrier Reef is the paradise of a snorkeler. And tropical coastlines such as Brazil, Argentina and Mauritius are recognised as snorkelling hotspots.

All six Hawaiian Islands are very popular destinations for snorkelling. People are thronging here, especially from May to September, to look for rare Hawaiian turtles and watch the exquisite coral. Hawaii’s lakes are sparkling blue and tropical sun encouraging plankton attracting a variety of exotic tropical fish. Hawaii also offers kayak trips to the beaches for snorkelling. The most popular snorkelling attractions in Hawaii include the Waikiki coastline, Hanauma bay, and the Molokoni Crater Natural Preserve. The Virgin Islands are the most common amongst the Caribbean Islands. Other popular places are Mexico, Antigua, Tobago, Islands of Cayman, Islands of Curacao, Bonaire Marine Park, etc. These locations are renowned for their tropical multicoloured fish and exquisite coral species such as elk horn and brain coral. Many snorkellers consider Cayman Islands to be the best underwater sightseeing destination. The Curacao Underwater Marine Park offers an array of 12 miles of coastline in diverse corals and even turtles. Even this Marine Park has sunken ships floating in them with rainbow coloured fishes. The Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is the most impressive coral aggregation in the world. It boasts of several coral collections that are as large as homes. It also provides other rare sights such as whale migration along its 1430-mile-long coastline and massive cod fish.

A perfect place to explore marine life in the Indian Ocean is Mauritius off Madagascar. The lagoon in Mauritius, near Grand Baie is an excellent snorkelling spot.

Snorkeling destinations are scattered all over the world and there are different species of fishFree Web Content in every destination, typical of their environment. There will be no two snorkelling spots with the same diversity of marine life.