Short Note on Phallosan Forte

A penis extender also sometimes called a penis stretcher is a concept born from the idea of using traction technology to enlarge the penis. Traction technology is used in medical use and for straightening or lengthening body parts. It involves fitting a mechanical device to stretch gently and hold a part of the body in position, whether it be a limb, finger, teeth or any other part of the body.

A penis extender is a device designed to fit snugly on the penis and implements traction technology, the process of gentle penis stretching in an effort to permanently enlarge, lengthen, and straighten it out. The device is designed to be comfortably worn on the penis, and consists of a ring attached to a retractable rod, which can be tightened to the required pressure.official site

Generally, the length of time required to deliver results is in the months, because this is how long it takes for the body to give in to the pressure. If you think of braces that used to straighten the teeth, this will also take a couple of months while the teeth are slowly realigning due to brace pressure. The stretching in the muscles and tissue of the penis cells causes a process called cell division, which is medically called cytokinesis, and is a natural body response. The gentle stretching of the penis by the penis extender will divide and multiply the tissue cells and thus help the growth of new tissue resulting in permanent penis enlargement.

A penis extender is the only natural way to make your penis grow larger without surgery. Manufacturers of various penis extensors claim that if worn for long enough, you can increase your length by as much as 3 inches. The recommended time frame would be at least six months longer, and would involve you having to wear the extender daily. It is not necessary to wear it all day but for perhaps 4-8 hours.

For example, some restrictions apply when you are sleeping you shouldn’t wear it, nor would you wear it during physical exertion bouts, such as playing sport. So you can wear the spare time between coming back from work and going to bed, while not doing much. The general guide is that the better the effects get the more you wear it. Penis extenders have been featured in various mens magazines as well as, for example, on tv, the Body Phenotype was discussed on the UK BBC channel in a tv program on male penis size.

So what are the extenders?

There are about a dozen or so penis extenders makers, or perhaps a lot more but the most well-known will offer you an option of a decent 8-12 specific extenders from different manufacturers. The price can vary by as much as $300 and vendors tend to throw in some extra goodies such as free vitamin tubes, penis lubrication oils, website access etc to support a higher price bundle. Some services are going to set you back at least $200 but more usually about $300-$400.