Starting a Business on a Dime

One of the first items that we look into during my Awesome Company Design Sessions (in reality it’s part of the pre-work!) is just finding time to start preparing the project-kind of’ making ready to get done’!

As working moms we sometimes sound like we have so little opportunity to do any of the stuff we want to do – and too many I hear people tell me they’d love to start a’ one day ‘ company, but they’re just not finding time right now. Do you want to learn more? click here

Okay, I’ve got news for you-you’re never going to have the opportunity to launch a company (or something else you want to do) until you take drastic steps to do so!

Your period is as though it were a void. It naturally gets filled with something else as soon as you free up some of it-and if you don’t determine what’s yourself, I’m afraid it just gets busy with’ stuff.’ Stuff’ which is just as helpful to bring you where you want to go as a chocolate fire guard in your life.

Think about it-your mum / friend / partner gives a couple of hours to watch the baby. How is it you are doing? Will you catch yourself moaning to others for not realizing where the time is going? After you’ve invested all the time cleaning out laundry / washing up / picking up toys / sweeping the pieces off the concrete, only to have to do it all over again one hour after they come back?

What if you’ve just concentrated on one specific objective you’ve wanted for ages (like starting a business!) for only 2 hours? What if you put the other’ things’ before the kids went to bed and realized it was at least going to remain’ gone’ before they got up again?!

It is hard isn’t it? It’s really tempting to get utterly stuck wanting to do all for everybody-attempting to be a supermum-but there always comes a stage where you have to make certain choices on what you and your family actually want IN THE LONG Term for you.

Currently, seeing that you’re reading this, I’m sure you’ve made the choice you’d like to take action to pursue a proper work / life balance and launch a company to do that. I’m always thinking your family is the No. 1 focus.

That’s certainly the case with the mums I’ve interacted with so far so it’s for me. Almost all the moms I speak to, with a few examples, claim the key reasons they choose to start a company are a) they want to (or need to) spend more time with their families or b) raise more money to enjoy with their families or both.

Therefore, acknowledging the family comes first, we have to find a way to offer adequate attention to start a company and really make it a possibility but still understanding the entire explanation why you do so first.

You need to strike a compromise between enjoying your time with your families AND devoting enough energy to pursue this journey to build a healthier future for both of you.