The Differences Between Private and Public Bail Bonds

Bail Bonds used to be a private affair between you and a charitable relative or acquaintance. When you are arrested for a crime, your bail is set and must be paid in order for you to function in your daily life and during your trial to avoid jail time. It could take several weeks, months, even years. One personal favor was a private bail bond. The family and friends who most trust you to attend all of your appointed court dates would personally help you. This can come with or without incentive to some. located in Hartford has some nice tips on this.

Private bail bonds are delicate deals between you and your family members or a group of friends. If you fail to meet your bail requirements by any chase and skip it out on a court date, the bail money will not be paid back to your personal relationship. If you do this, you can seriously wreck your relationships and support systems. Often this is not enough of an opportunity to prove to court that certain states do not accept private bail and require you to collect a public entity’s bail bond money.

Private bail bonds aren’t as usual as previously. Not only do most people don’t have private funds to post hundreds of thousands of dollars on your behalf, but in some states, you can’t even post your bail to a private party for you. Bail Bond companies are set up to keep the posting bail handling for members of the respective city and state. Such companies act as a corporation for profit, not as a public service. If you are applying for a public bail bond, you will need to pay as your bail bond fee a percentage of the total bail amount.

If you don’t turn up to your scheduled court dates in the case of public bonds, you will be kept legally liable and the bail bond firm will go after you and your co-signer for the full cost of the bail and bail bond charge. You’ll be deemed on the lam, too, and the court will throw you back into custody. Consider all the incentives here: you ‘re going to destroy your personal relationship with your co-signer, you ‘re going to owe hundreds of thousands of dollars to a company that’s going to do whatever they can to get it, and you’re going to be stuck in jail until your case is decided. Getting in contempt of court will also hurt the chances of getting off as it indicates a stronger chance of being guilty.

The reason for bail bonds is not just to make sure you appear in court, but it’s also a way for you to handle a court case while continuing to live and work outside the prison. If you’ve been charged with a crime and are on private or public bail, make sure that in your case you do everything you can to please the courts and maintain your integrity with friends , family psychology articles, and the community.