Understanding Areas Of Spectrum Canine Dog Training

To a loving person, a dog gives unconditional affection and friendship. In contrast to an untrained dog, a well-trained dog improves your joy and enjoyment ten times over. Studies have shown that a well-trained dog is an animal that is happier and more relaxed than one that is not. If you’re looking for more tips, Spectrum Canine Dog Training – Bay area dog training has it for you. Examples of some excellent dog training methods that you can use to teach your dog some fundamental obedience skills are the following:

The instruction to sit

This is the most popular and simple training command for your dog and should probably be the first thing you teach him. For the majority of instruction, using a treat as a reward for good conduct works well. To keep him steady, you’ll need a leash attached to your dog’s collar. Show your dog a treat you have in your hand and keep it over his head so that he can look up and say, “Sit”

The Instruction to Lie Down

You will proceed to the “Lie Down” command until your dog has mastered the sit command. To achieve this a treat is often used. “Ask your dog to “wait” first. Do not give him a sit-in treat. You should have a treat in your hand when he is in the seating position and keep it in front of him really close to the floor and say “Lie Down” Place your other hand on your dog’s shoulders if necessary and gently press down until your dog lies down or give him a gentle downward tug on his leash.

Stay Order – Stay Command

A little more difficult than the Sit and Lie Down Commands is the “Stay” command. To begin working with your dog on the “Stay” order, it is crucial to choose the right time during the day. It is important to know your own dog and understand when he is exhibiting a relaxed or mellow disposition. When your dog is excited or too playful, you do not want to begin this training.