Voice-Over Audition Tips – Beginner’s Guide

The word derives from the film world, where in the script a narration was referred to as “Voice Over Image” or VO for short. Voice-over can now apply to any number of ways in which you may use your voice to convey a message. Feel free to find more information about -Voice-Over Audition Tips

You’ve heard about advertisement, business storytelling and animation, so how about automatic telephone calling, Automated Dialog Substitution (also known as “looping”), or blind reading? In the middle of dinner, the automatic voice calls you to say Hey, this is your credit card provider calling with exciting news about your account.” Someone was paying to read that. It could be you.

Voice-overs are a competitive and scalable market. You don’t require a warrant or the approval of anyone to do it. You can do it full time, or you can get started in your free time by auditioning and working. Any way, to succeed, you’ll need determination, innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit. You’ll need to learn to cope with rejection as well. There are a lot of people in this organization and before you get your first job, you can hear a fair amount of “No’s” (or no reply at all). You need skin that’s thick. Don’t personally take the ‘No’s’. Graduate from it and move on to the audition that comes. With that said, no matter your age, ethnicity or “voice type,” there’s still space for new talent.

It used to be that voice-overs were dominated by the male voice of the huge, booming “Voice of God” type of announcer, but the market has shifted. “While men in the industry still have a small lead over women, more and more women are taking on roles that have historically been for the voice of a man. It is estimated that the break is around 60-40 today. There’s also a push away from those voices of the great announcer style. Producers today, like a trusted friend or the girl next door, want a more normal conversational execution. What this means is there’s a spot for you in the industry even though you don’t have a resonant “radio voice”.