What You Need to Know About Cisco 3750X Datasheet

Launch the Cisco 3750 serial command line terminal interface, and then customize DHCP to handle a set of network IP addresses. Cisco 3750 The Trigger. View us on Cisco 3750X datasheet.

Switch will have DHCP services on the network where there is no dedicated DHCP server. DHCP resources can be moved to a dedicated cloud and Cisco 3750 retains

Ressource Storage and CPU. To allow DHCP support for a range of IP addresses, access the Cisco CLI or Command Line Interface.

How to connect a Set of DHCP to a Cisco 3750 switch?

Connect the Cisco Serial Console cable nine pin connection to the Windows 7 computer’s serial COM port. Plug the other end of the Cisco 3750 serial cable in

Link “Computer.” Start the Terminal program for PuTTY. Click on “Number” object in the bottom left corner of the “PuTTY Setup” tab. Join the serial port code COM

Attached to the serial cable in the configuration field “Serial Line to Connect” Click the “Flow cControl” box and click “None” button . Select “Open.” Twice press Enter.

Type the Command prompt “enable” and press Enter. Write the Cisco 3750 Activate password and tap Enter if prompted. In the Command prompt type “configuration t” and

Click Enter. Write the command line “service dhcp,” and press Enter. In the Command prompt, type “ip dhcp pool-name pool.” Replace “pool-name” with a name you would like

To allocate DHCP pool and press In.

Access “Command Line Network” Replace the “” with the DHCP network’s network address and subnet mask, and click Enter. Default form-

Command Line router Replace the main DHCP network gateway with “,” and hit Enter. Pass the “mydomain.org domain name” icon at the

Prompt Orders. Replace “mydomain.org” with the network’s DNS prefix, then click Enter. In the Command Line type “dns-server” Replace the caption “”

With the network DNS service IP address, and click Enter. To configure a seven-day DHCP leasing date, type “Lease 7.” Type “start” and then press In. Type “Start copy race” at

The Request order, and click Enter.