Work Space Planning – Identify Your Requirements?

The most important thing to remember when setting work space planning is – What is the purpose of the work space? There is no point in creating the most esthetically pleasing office space unless its functionality matches the company needs. Changes to office plans may often be met with opposition, but with clear communication about the advantages of the planned changes and the inclusion of employee input, they are usually accepted unanimously. Read more about WorkSpace Irvine.

To order to complement each other, you will need to take into account several practical considerations such as the space needed by will function and will need to locate different functions to close proximity.

The workplace design can also be influenced by the organisation’s organizational culture. For starters, do the workers occupy their own desk or are they shared workspaces? This may in fact mean a reduced desking requirement but may increase the storage requirement.

In terms of the workplace itself, whether the layout is planned in conjunction with team spaces or you need to have individual cubicles or workspaces allocated to the staff, it is better to follow an open office plan.

Is there a need to have private offices or team offices? Perhaps you would need to integrate hot desks or touch down areas for workers who are not strictly office based?

If your company has a meeting room requirement, they will be limited for informal adhoc meetings or the requirement for a more formal environment would be greater. Such areas can also be for communication with staff or for brain storming sessions.

What physical tools do you need to allow workers to fulfill their duties in the company in the best way possible? Such facilities may be unique to the organisation, which will include the form of a storage or archive room / Print and copy area / Canteen / Break Out Area / Change / Locker Rooms / Library / Reading Facility Each of these places can take a large footprint in terms of office space, but it is important to maintain the organisation.

It is important to ensure that you are fully aware of the broad variety of choices available when attempting to make the best use of a room. Therefore, when designing your office space, seek to find a piece of furniture or equipment that can perform a function or use an office space in the best way. It may require a greater outlay of resources, but it is easily justifiable if it can improve efficiency, promote engagement or cut costs.