5 Reasons to Consider Vehicle Wraps

The recession may be “officially” over, but when it comes to marketing many small and large enterprises are still pinching pennies. During the throes of the Great Depression, companies were forced to adopt the practice of carefully weighing each penny’s cost / benefit allocated to advertising more than they have ever done. It is no coincidence that, at a similar period, vehicle wraps started making a huge splash as a cost-effective alternative to more conventional methods.Speedy Pros

The economic outlook may ultimately be upward trend, but wraps of vehicles will continue to prove a wise investment for many smart marketing pros and business owners. Vehicle wraps in the advertisement neighborhood may still be the young kid on the block but it looks like they’re here to stay.

Second, what exactly is a cover for a vehicle? Simply put, vehicle wraps are digitally printed vinyl graphics with protective laminate added to vehicles (busses, vessels, freight trucks , cars, etc.) for marketing purposes (mostly), although some people prefer to wrap their car just to spice it up a little.

Many major corporations have jumped on the bandwagon, like the McDonald’s. Don’t be shocked to see a Mini Cooper bundled in the ‘burbs where you live, with a McMuffin and a McCaffe drink machine … Images that are so realistic you ‘re going to be tempted to reach out and get a bite.

Five reasons for considering vehicle wraps are given here.

  1. Car wraps are affordable.

For about $4,000 an average mid-size sedan can be completely wrapped. Do such calculations. If you’re planning to keep the vehicle for five years that’s just under $67 a month. Now compare this to radio ads , billboards, television , magazines, or newspaper. Vehicle wraps will invariably win that argument.

  1. Wraps are an highly targeted form of advertising.

Who decides which vehicle to drive? Of course the vehicle owner. This gives you tremendous flexibility in the Strategic. Not getting the results in Neighborhood A you want to be sporty about? Try parking the car at the busy Neighborhood B intersection for a while. A fixed billboard alongside the Interstate, of course, does not allow that kind of nimble trial and strategizing error like the billboard on wheels does.

  1. Visibility, and acceptance.

According to the Transportation Advertising Council (a subsidiary of the American Outdoor Advertising Association), vehicle wrap ads produces between 30,000-70,000 daily impressions on vehicles. Not only do many people see the vehicle but many people notice the vehicle.

Most vehicle wrap companies have a website that can give you a glimpse of the kinds of eye-catching, captivating, sure-to-turn-head designs that can be produced using today’s graphic arts. Today’s wrap ad graphic designer can turn any 4-door boring sedan into an explosion of moving art, sure to be noticed.

  1. Strengthen the business as cutting edge and creative.

While a quarter-page ad in the local Sunday newspaper may seem safe and traditional, a fun car with captivating photos and the zipping of your company logo around town can only help to reinforce your reputation as young, creative, modern, special, interesting, exciting and bold … That, psychologically, might very well be the difference between Mr. Future Customer who prefers you and Mr. Boring Sunday Paper Man.

  1. You are given a professional picture by Auto Wraps.

When it comes to advertising trends, we ‘re used to seeing “the big boys” (as in the McDonald’s mentioned above) out front and ahead of the curve. Vehicle wraps can give you credibility, add stature and help you uplift and position yourself in the same league.

All in all, vehicle wrapping is a low-cost , high-impact form of delivering your message to the masses and one that most advertising-based businesses will consider.