Advanced Telecom Systems- A Background

Which way should you go? Telecom usage in many companies is one of the top three business expenses, and you have just two avenues to travel when considering how you plan on controlling those costs. You can opt for either in-house or out-sourced Telecom Expense Management. The size of your organization, of course, will be a factor. Very small companies may be able to successfully keep telecom costs down. How hard is it to keep track of 10-20 cell phones and a modest compliment of office phones, anyway? try this out

On The Other Hand

If your company is of at least a moderate size, the complexity of your telecom usage increases exponentially. Eventually it becomes an unruly creature with life of its own, sucking funds from your company like a huge leech. Some of the problems occur when employees lose or destroy a wireless device, and rather than facing their supervisor with that fact, they surreptitiously visit the cell phone provider and get a new one. Now your business is paying for two devices and two service contracts while only one is being used.

Even if the above noted fictitious employee does have the old device deactivated, the odds are good that unless they are instructed otherwise, they will select the most expensive device and service contract for their new phone. More money down the drain.

There Are Even More Distressing Scenarios

In your company has hundreds, or even thousands of phones and wireless devices, the monthly invoices can be more complex than the wiring diagram for the Space Shuttle. Most of the time a check is cut and the bill is paid without any scrutinizing. Statistics indicate that 10-15% of all invoices contain errors, and that 85% of those errors are in favor of the vendor or service provider. That can bleed off a lot of money when you consider how much a month you spend on telecom usage.

There are many other circumstances in which an uncontrolled telecom system can waste thousands of dollars a month, but for the sake of brevity I won’t detail them all. Instead I will expound a bit on the reasons why I recommend having a professional Telecom Expense Management team come in and sift through your telecom expenditure instead of doing it in-house.

Skills, Tools, And Training

You can’t expect someone who lacks knowledge or skills to handle your accounts payable, can you? Does your legal department consist of a handful of employees that deal with legal problems in their spare time? Do you have your custodial staff doing double duty by also handling IT problems? I’m sure you don’t, so why have your telecom expenses overseen by folks with no skills, tools or training? Unless you can fully train someone, and arm them with the software tools needed, your telecom expenses are going to be simply out of control.

The Best Solution

It’s ideal, then, to find a competent Telecom Expense Management team to come in and handle the job for you. No, they won’t do it for free, but typically they will find savings that more than cover their fees. They take care of all aspects of Telecom Expense Management.

Asset Management
Invoice Validation
Expense Optimization
Help Desk Support
So, your company has more capital to work with, the Telecom Expense Management team makes a few bucks, and your business is just as efficient as ever, if not more so due to the streamlining of your telecom usage.

Contact a reliable Telecom Expense Management company and have them provide more details about the services they provide. The call is free, so you have nothing to lose except out of control telecom expenses.