Awesome Features of Classic Beautyrest Mattresses

They may have been around since the middle of the last century, but the Beautyrest Classic Simmons beds are still significant. Although our lives have changed significantly over the last seventy years, our body’s sleep needs haven’t changed. Here are six of the best features of the Classic Beautyrest mattress: 1. Obviously, we need to start with the function that made them famous: the individually pocketed coil device. It’s changed a bit since it premiered, but the concept is still the same. Growing coil is sealed within its own fabric bag, so that it can react individually to pressure. It ensures that each curve in the sleeper’s body is hugged by the coils, which in effect reduces the strain and increases the support. Another great benefit is that this sort of coil device practically prevents movement around the bed. When one partner is tossing and turning, the other partner will still have a good night’s rest. It’s been replicated a lot, but Beautyrest still does the best.If you would like to learn more about this, please check out beautyrest mattress.

  1. Like Goldilocks, it may be difficult to locate the “right” mattress. Many manufacturers that go from one extreme to the next, but the Beautyrest Classic line has every possible feel combination you may like. They go from the Extra Firm, to the Fluffy Firm, to the Soft Firm Pillow Top, to the Luxurious Pillow Top. So add to this the various levels inside the Classic line-up, as well as the various fabrics used, such as memory foam and GelTouch, and there’s no way that you won’t find the mattress of your dreams.

  1. Do you know that Beautyrest Classic beds may have one of two separate coil gauges in their coil systems? The firmer beds use a stiffer gauge and the softer beds use a more folding and flexible gauge. They are one of the only manufacturers to adjust the coil system to improve the feeling of the bed. It is groundbreaking because those who want a soft bed don’t want to feel the super firm coils beneath the padding, and those who want a firm bed want more than just a firm padding.

  1. All Beautyrest Classic beds are built with an AirCool system. It is a blend of GelTouch rubber, open-cell AirCool foams, ventilated edge support and a mesh side cover to improve breathability. Both these features together produce a mattress that sleeps warmer than ever before and is the most breathable inner spring bed on the market.

  1. The pillar may be the last thing you’re worried about, but it’s going to be the first thing you get mad about when it breaks. The Triton base, which comes standard for all Beautyrest Classic mattresses, is made of reinforced steel and has a steel grid on the top of the mattress. It is incredibly heavy and strong, and can carry even the heaviest of weights.
  2. The foam enclosed edge support on all Beautyrest Classic beds can make the bed feel up to 30% larger by growing the available sleep space. The high density foam pad also makes lying on the edge of the bed comfortable. A solid edge support often increases the experience of sitting on the edge of the bed, and the risk of sagging is significantly reduced.

Of course, there are many more features than those mentioned here, but they are the most far-reaching and the most prevalent. The Beautyrest Classic has had a time check and can deliver a loving, easy and reliable night’s sleep.