Axe Throwing Safety

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Axe throwing is extremely safe, as long as the rules are followed. To ensure that your axe throwing experience goes smoothly, be sure to follow these tips.

Make sure everyone is behind you at least 8 feet It’s important to respect this distance because just before you throw, the axe goes behind your head.You may want to check out  Twisted Axes Throw House for more.

When people come too close, don’t be afraid to tell them to get out of their way!

Likewise, make sure that you are the only one in the lane when you chuck it. More specifically, be 100 percent confident the entire time you ‘re on a throwing lane there’s no one in front of you.

Have a handy First Aid Kit

Accidents happened, but they were rarely significant and are very rare and far between.

So if you can get a paper cut at home when reading a novel, whether you are going to be flinging axes around you will be prepared.

In the case of minor injuries, all axe throwing facilities and clubs should be fitted with a first aid kit.

Axes Should Be Intact

There will also be examination of all axes and goals before launching. Unless the axe is not in good condition, a wiggly axe-head will transform into a spinning projectile.

Be sure to perform some quality control of your materials before starting. If you head to a pool or club, an axe throwing specialist can take care of it.

Axes Should not be excessively sharp

You may be shocked to hear that an axis doesn’t need to be super sharp to remain in a goal.

If the point you are using to sever you is hard enough to reach, it is too strong.

You can make sure it’s not totally boring too. A boring axe that doesn’t stick in the goal is unlikely to turn into a protection problem, but it certainly takes the excitement out of the game and makes collecting points the obstacle.

At house, don’t seek this

Definitely heavy.

Axe tossing is an incredibly enjoyable and healthy practice when performed correctly.

Thanks to the growth of the practice to notoriety, Axe throwing facilities are growing up around the United States and across the globe.

Most notably, these institutions provide machinery for monitoring, secure services and qualified staff to insure that all is running seamlessly and securely.

So do a favour on yourself and stop DIY when it comes to tossing axes.