Cannabis Dispensary – More Info

There are several misconceptions about the marijuana’s effects. How many of all those you’ve heard have come from a reliable source? Do you trust REALly what the uncle of your friend says about this subject? Let’s go deeper into those myths. Check Cannabis Dispensary Near Me.

  1. Marijuana is highly addictive.

Right! Marijuana aren’t addictive. Medical studies have shown that all are more addictive to alcohol , nicotine and even caffeine than to marijuana. Compare that to the OxyContin drug. Both medicines are used to treat severe pain but OxyContin was illegally used by 20.4 million Americans in 2006. Medical marijuana is an alternative which is far safer.

  1. Marijuana does have a negative health effect.

Each year there are thousands of deaths from different FDA approved drugs. Interestingly enough, there are reports of ZERO cases in which marijuana has been listed as the cause of death. Many people are afraid of marijuana smoking and relate it to cigarette cancers. Keep in mind that smokers go every day, through twenty or more cigarettes. The medicinal marijuana levels are not near that high anywhere.

  1. Even though it doesn’t directly cause death, marijuana weakens your immune system.

This argument is based on a 1980 test claiming that white blood cells, when exposed to THC, transformed more slowly in reaction to threats. Since then, those results have never been replicable. Marinol, a synthetic form of THC, has even been approved by the FDA for treating diseases that attack the immune system, such as HIV.

  1. Marijuana does not have medicinal use.

Quite the contrary! Marijuana is used in the medical treatment of cancer, AIDS, arthritis, migraines and anorexia in California. Studies indicate that existing drugs can also be used alongside, or also instead, those diagonally diagonal for depression , bipolar disorder, anxiety , and insomnia. Currently research is under way to test its effect on Alzheimer’s disease.

  1. Legal weed is being abused / marketed illegally.

The idea of banning a drug is ridiculous, since it would be exploited by some. Drugs such as sleeping pills and pain killers are being abused on a regular basis, and are being marketed over the counter. Also, if someone is unfortunate enough to get AIDS, and depends on a medicine to prevent extreme pain, why would they get rid of it willingly?

Those are just a few of the popular medical marijuana myths. Think about all of the weed information you have, and then decide whether your sources are really that reliable. The stigma surrounding this drug is unfair and needs to be changed in the interest of patients who may benefit from it. Inform yourself about the truth about marijuana and its medicinal uses.