Fast Solutions of Sanitizing Natural Stone That’s Needed

In the last decade or so, Natural Stones have been in sight, as all the designer homes, kitchen remodelling, and luxury condos have found favour with marble and granite. This replaced the conventional counter tops that have become obsolete, painted, plastic, or synthetic laminates. Yet this has inevitably left a great concern to preserve over time the looks of this marble or granite, and to keep its presence fresh every time. Click more info here.

It’s a common fact that granite is stronger than marble and is more robust. This is also chemical resistant and is capable of withstanding higher temperatures. Unlike the other rock, it doesn’t break or chip too easily. In comparison, marble is softer than granite, its chemical resistant properties are minimal, and even lemon or vinegar can cause harm.

Granite is surprisingly more porous than marble which poses a problem.

So, how do I cover my counter top with granite or marble? The response to that is very clear, the first step will be a stone sealant application before a professional install the counter. Porous granite may absorb liquids such as water, oil, and other liquids which can appear as stains or marks. The use of the sealant does not offer any room for such occurrence; it is advisable to run this sealing operation on your granite and marble once a year. Sealants are available in a spray or liquid form, and typically the application process is clearly indicated on a bottle. Second, there are a number of granite and marble-specific cleaning items that are readily available on the market. Evite the routine cleaners for your granite and marble to the extent possible.

With this caution and effort, you could take care of your expensive granite and marble counters, keeping them shining brand new for years to come, leaving your visitors in awe.

Marble City Company finds granite and marble counter tops to be an investment in timeless elegance. Hence, they sell a range of stone care items to improve the natural stone life.