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Search Engine Optimization is essentially the act of increasing the amount and quality of incoming website traffic to a site or an individual page in search engines. SEO primarily targets direct traffic and paid marketing rather than unpaid traffic which are known as organic traffic. With organic traffic, people just visit your site by using search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN or any others to get information about your products or services, whether they are related to your product or service. Pay-per-click advertising or search engine optimization are more targeted, whereas search engine marketing, on the other hand is more broad in its focus. Organic traffic is usually targeted based on keywords used by the users and the traffic coming from these keywords is what you are actually trying to get. Search engine marketing, on the other hand, targets broader search terms and targeted traffic. Feel free to visit their website at Greenwood SEO for more details.

SEO is now becoming a very popular way of generating traffic for websites. There are various SEO companies that help you generate free traffic to your site through various online marketing strategies such as article marketing, pay per click marketing, etc. However, this type of marketing method doesn’t work well if the website owner does not have a good content on the website and if the contents of the website are unimportant and unrelated to the keywords used by the visitors. The website owner is required to create content that will be relevant to the keywords used by the search engine spiders. The content can also not be too long or too short. It must be keyword rich. One must also ensure that the website content contains relevant keywords that are commonly used by the internet users when searching the net.

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