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Marriage therapy is an effort to help a couple overcome any number of types of issues they may have in their marriage, and to encourage them to step forward and have a more effective partnership. Couples seek therapy to get a better understanding of what has gone wrong with their marriage, no matter what mix of issues. Check Healthy Relationships Counseling Services – Torrance Marriage Counseling.

It is typical for frustration to build up to such an extent in a marriage due to unresolved problems that one or both partners may feel desperate enough to consider divorce as an option. They also have so much animosity built up to such a high degree that their problems are much more difficult to fix, if not impossible, by the time a married couple decides to seek professional support. This does not suggest that the relationship will not be restored. Although one or both spouses can feel that pursuing therapy is an acknowledgement of failure, counselling may assist a couple to repair their relationship or restore it.

While marriage therapy is typically carried out with both spouses present, there are occasions when a more driven spouse will benefit greatly from individual sessions with regard to the marital partnership or any personal problems impacting their relationship. Counseling typically lasts for a limited period, before the issues are resolved or the couple feels sufficiently motivated to deal with any remaining problems on their own.

No one goes into a marriage thinking that divorce can end in their marriage. However since almost half of all marriages end in divorce, couples have an increased need to seek marital counselling. While many couples take therapy as a last-ditch attempt to save a strained relationship, it is possible to see marriage counselling as a constructive way to strengthen or develop something worth maintaining. In an attempt to save” their marriage, several couples suffer for years before they make the decision to go to a marriage counsellor.

Couples should not have to wait to seek therapy until they agree that divorce is the only way out. In certain situations, marriage counsellors may be very helpful earlier in the marriage or when such issues are first found by the couple. When there is serious domestic abuse, or even moderate domestic violence in which the offending spouse or spouses may not seek assistance for violence problems, the only exception to the potential usefulness of marital therapy exists.