Inflatable Amusement Devices

The inflatable industry has experienced an explosion of growth in the last 10 years or so. You could mention the word ‘inflatable’ before that and people would give you a puzzled look. You ‘d follow-up by offering a summary and some additional words like moon-bounce or spacewalk, and a light bulb would go off; yeah, I get it! Wow! Just yeah!

Why something changed. Today, inflatable indoor locations and rentals outside are a favorite for many activities. A system that can swell can be a lot of things. We ‘re talking, to be clear, about inflatable amusement devices. It’s the type you can bounce on, ascend, slip down and crawl through. These can be hot, wet or a combination of the two. Interested readers can find more information about them at check it out.

Inflatable devices that are used for fun purposes are generally classified under the broad heading of amusement rides and equipment. Standards exist that discuss the operation, design and inspection of both indoor and outdoor amusement devices. You may attribute the success of these devices to the following issues. They are compact, simple in mechanical terms and require very limited investment. They are the exact opposite of a typical amusement ride or device, enabling an inexperienced entrepreneur to capitalize on the advantages of running an amusement device.

Ah-ha-ha- Peril is starting to show itself. What we have to realize as event producers and goers is that the operation of an inflatable device presents challenges that meet or exceed the challenges of some amusement rides at fixed sites. Inflatable devices are considered to be a form of interactive play equipment, where appropriate. Such systems are of a highly participatory nature due to the patron ‘s criteria for communicating with the environment to achieve a desired outcome. The majority of fixed-site amusement rides require the patron to sit-down and be strapped in for the ride only.

As a result, inflatable devices offer a rare and real potential for injury. Event participants must be vigilant and should recognize that the use of inflatable devices poses inherent risks. Inflatable event rental companies should be investigated by the event producers before using their services. Request that they provide insurance documents, policies , procedures and training manuals. You can also ensure they comply with ASTM F-24 on amusement rides and apps. It’s also important to note that certain inflatable items are more resistant than others to accidents. The key is to DO YOUR HOMEWORK —- understand the fundamentals please.