Lip Filler For Reducing Pout

Lip augmentation, also known as lipoplasty, is a form of cosmetic procedure that aims to enhance lip fullness by filling in lip edges with liposuctionable fillers like fat, hyaluronic acid or silicone implants. Lip augmentation can be used for either lip lines or lips surrounding the mouth. Lip augmentation surgery (also called as lipoplasty) is performed mainly on patients with relatively good skin elasticity and moderate volume loss. After the surgery, there will be permanent scarring. There are various surgical techniques which can be used to lift the lip corners and lips.If you’re looking for more tips, Medical Spa-The Aesthetic Loft has it for you.

The most popular form of lip fillers are fat deposits which are commonly taken from areas where there’s a large volume of body fat. These fat deposits can be taken out of the body, through liposuction, and injected to provide a plumping effect to the lips. Another popular choice for getting lip fillers are collagen and hyaluronic acid injections. The injections are made into your cheeks, and work almost immediately.

You can get some temporary result of lip injections within nine months to one year. The effect is often more visible on the upper lip. However, the lips do lose some of their firmness over time. Most patients who have had this treatment have been satisfied with its results. It’s important to note that it has a recovery period of between four to nine months, and the entire procedure needs to be repeated at least three to six times per year.