Look For For An Invisalign?

Invisalign, or transparent aligners as they are sometimes called, are clear plastic orthodontic appliances designed to reshape teeth to improve bite and dental alignment. The process of Invisalign treatment is painless; patients simply wear these clear braces on their teeth for a set amount of time per session, which varies by the individual. Invisalign aligners can last up to six months on their own before needing to be replaced. The goal of this type of orthodontics is to align teeth so that teeth are easier to see when eating or smiling, or even talking. Checkout Ivanhoe Invisalign.

Before starting Invisalign treatment your dentist will usually set up an appointment with you to discuss your budget and dental history. Your dentist will ask for information such as the number of teeth you have, where they are located, how many you want to align, how far apart they are, the severity of your bite, and any other information that may help to determine whether or not the Invisalign treatment will be successful. They will also examine your mouth to make sure that you do not have any structural problems with your jawbone that could interfere with your treatment. Your dentist will likely recommend that you have your bite corrected using Invisalign if there is no other type of orthodontics currently available to you. Your dentist will evaluate your case and determine the right treatment plan. Your orthodontist will usually recommend a four month Invisalign trial, which allows patients to see the results of the treatment without spending the full amount required.

During your initial treatments your dentist will place Invisalign aligners on your teeth for a period of time to measure your progress. During the trial period you can choose to continue wearing the aligners for additional time or discontinue the treatment. If the aligners are not showing any positive results then you may need to return to the orthodontist or discontinue the treatment all together. The treatments are not intended to correct your whole bite but to just straighten out your teeth and reduce any misalignment issues. If after a few months of proper treatment your orthodontist determines that you need more assistance then you may be required to get more treatments to correct your entire bite.

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