Managed Security Services Provider

Business owners who are unable to take the risk of opting for a one-size-fits-all solution to securing their critical network assets will want to carefully pick a supplier of managed security services. In particular, by shielding them from the constant threats and attacks that occur on a daily basis, they should look for one that is committed to customising a safe and secured environment and to ensuring the protection of vital network assets.Learn more by visiting Active Security Enterprises

For organisations of all sizes, why is a reliable managed security services provider such an important investment? Since, if left unmanaged, security threats from both internal and external sources pose a significant risk to the profitability of company success and continuity.

In addition to unparalleled support, a top-tier managed security services provider provides peace of mind with risk reduction, enhanced visibility of the network through round-the-clock control, superior network efficiency , higher uptime, increased usage, the versatility that comes from being able to extend valuable IT resources to the strategic initiatives that most need them, the ability to make it easier

The CIO Zone website, the IT leadership online network, recently given some IT security predictions for 2013 and anticipates that cloud computing security will be great in the coming year. This is because cloud computing is rising at such a rate that corporations are unable to keep pace with it. As a consequence, it will prove difficult to obtain sufficient protection for it. That’s where a partnership becomes invaluable with a provider of managed security services.

In particular, driving security managed services is a practise known as bringing your own device (BYOD for short) in which workers carry their own computing devices (laptops, tablet PCs, smartphones) to the workplace and connect to the corporate network. The site describes that IT managers need to balance “protection and support issues with the very real potential to reap substantial cost and productivity benefits from trends like BYOD.” And, “CIOs have concluded that the convergence of service provider mobility, business mobility, security, collaboration and desktop virtualization solutions requires mobility to stretch far beyond BYOD.”

When more non-network devices are hooked up to their networks, small and mid-size organisations would be increasingly vulnerable to unmanaged security threats from both within and outside. MSPmentor, the definitive guide to managed services, states in an article entitled “Small Business Hindered by Mobile Security Issues,” “Internet security concerns impede small businesses and mid-sized businesses from accessing the full benefits that mobile computing and remote employees can offer.”