Mattress Stores: Why It Is Better to Buy in Person Rather Than Online

Studies show that the average person spends one third of his / her life in bed. That is why it is so important to have the right mattress on which to sleep. In the past, there would be mattress shops, or a general furniture shop, where you’d go to get your new bedding. Yet more people are going online today to do their shopping. Given the convenience of shopping online, a mattress is one thing that you really should consider buying in person.You may want to check out Mattress Near Me for more.

Check It Out

You stop dealing with salespeople and traffic by going online but you miss out on one of the most important aspects of the purchasing process: the chance to try a specific brand and see how it feels. Web explanations and comments only go too far. When you don’t test it until it comes into your house, you can’t say whether it would be smooth enough, strong enough or have support in all the right places.

They expect you to touch and feel when you go out to the mattress stores. Salespeople are going to ask you to lay down on the various beds and see what makes you feel better. It is the only way you can be sure you can get the right thing.

Answered Questions

You can know exactly what you want when you’re in the market for new bedding. Often, however, you do have questions where you need answers. Although frequently asked questions and feedback from customers can help you out online, there’s only so much information you can get. Nevertheless, you are also greeted by a professional sales team when going to a showroom, who are happy to answer any questions about their goods. If they don’t know the solution, you can be assured they’ll find the answer for you. In some situations, their answers can lead you to decide on a completely different bed than you intended to buy when researching online.

Speaking around costs

A little-known benefit of going to the mattress stores is that you might negotiate the price. Of course, with all media, that is not true but it never hurts to inquire. These companies are doing this to market their product and let you get the best deal. You can save some money by shopping online, as opposed to paying the sticker price in the shop. You could however knock off the store’s mattress price and save on shipping costs.


Matress stores also restrict when the products can be returned because of health concerns. Although this might be one of the few places where online shopping could seem helpful, you need to think about how you’ll send it back. Make sure you know what the store’s policy is in case you need to refund your order. Most would allow a return up to 90 days after delivery, with a disposal fee stipulated and probably a return transportation charge. Those who embrace returns, however, will come collect it from you.