Natural Remedies For Headaches

Headaches, as I advise my patients, can happen for a variety of reasons (see below). Migraine headaches are a bit more complex and can be debilitating to the point that they weaken. Unlike normal headaches, migraines typically have more common causes that are unique to the person that gets them, i.e. changes in certain hormones or even allergies. For better tips visit

Wow, do you know you don’t have to rush to the drugstore to treat all of these forms of headaches? That’s Okay. You should try some home remedies first and I would like to tell you about them.

Banish The Headache Of course If you just get headaches on a regular basis so at the moment they arise you may only want to go for symptomatic relief. However, if you get fairly frequent headaches, or migraines, you’ll want to follow either of these recommendations:

  1. Keep a journal of headache-this is crucial in detecting and preventing important causes such as the above-mentioned items that can worsen your headache. Record what you did, eat, drink, show, etc… right before your headache started, and try to stop it.
  2. Massage / physical therapy-when there is a headache, a friend or a doctor gets a massage of the neck / shoulders. Head muscles neck and back get really tense when there is a headache. Almost always, removing this stress will relieve the headache too.
  3. Decompress-having some exercise will relieve stress-induced muscle pain and headache dependent on intensity. Swimming in a warmer pool at leisure can unkink your strained muscles and easily alleviate a stress headache almost always. Walking or shaking your arms loosens tense muscles in your neck and helps to avoid a headache.
  4. Diet-Low headaches of blood sugar and brain fog can arise from not eating regularly all day long. Eat carbs and protein, such as milk and pasta, or nuts and berries, to boost blood sugar, balance it, and kill your headache.
  5. Natural Pain Relievers-White willow bark functions well without the side effects aspirin does. It is in fact the precursor herb from which aspirin is produced. Found in grocery stores.
  6. Ice / cold or heat compresses-either applied to the back of the muscles of the neck / head may help unkink muscles which cause headache.
  7. Soak your feet-the warm water carries blood from your head to your feet and helps relieve your head’s artery pressure, which can cause headache.
  8. Magnesium-recurrent migraine headaches caused by muscle stress may indicate a deficiency in magnesium. Consider using a glass of milk to take 400 mg of magnesium, then lie back. Ask your doctor for different laboratory tests to determine whether you have a magnesium deficiency.
  9. Valerian-a natural relaxant, a couple of drops in warm water will help you stimul and de-tense, and quicker end a headache.
  10. 10. Potassium-Like magnesium, potassium can help to knock out a migraine, particularly if it is deficient. This is also the component of many migraine prescription medications. Find in potatoes, bananas, milk, cantaloupe, nuts, and citrus fruits. But, if you have kidney disease, or are taking ACE inhibitors or antibiotics such as trimethoprim sulfa, ask your doctor how much potassium is safe to eat.