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When and where were you previously a prosecutor?As they know how the state can formulate its DUI case against you, a DUI defence lawyer with prosecutorial experience can be a great advantage. However, in a small, quiet county or a larger jurisdiction where DUI cases might be more frequent, be sure to ask the attorney where they have handled cases. Visit our website to get free information about  Summit Defense Criminal Lawyer, San Jose DUI Attorney, San Jose

How many jury hearings have you argued about?In order to successfully fight a Virginia DUI charge, you may need to go to trial. This does not reflect well on their practise if a lawyer has spent most of their time at a desk instead of in a courtroom.

Did you ever get punished by the State Bar?

As in the medical profession, the state maintains a board that monitors and manages any necessary disciplinary action by those who practise law. It speaks poorly about their competence and integrity if a lawyer has been punished by the state bar.In addition to your payments, what legal costs would I incur?

Expert witnesses, prosecutors, and other outside assistance can be required in your case. Instead of being shocked when you see the final bill, you need to know what these expenses are up front.In my situation, what are the challenges?The weaknesses as well as the strengths in your case can be spelled out by a good Virginia DUI defence lawyer. An sign that the lawyer does not know what they are doing might be nonspecific answers to this issue.

How’s my case going to turn out?

This is a question that is reasonable to pose. But you should know that, in any DUI situation, no lawyer can guarantee a good outcome. So be careful of someone who promises a positive or favourable guilty bargain verdict.

The biggest thing standing between you and prison time, a hefty fine, and/or a driver’s licence suspension is your Virginia DUI defence lawyer. So make sure you have hired the right lawyer to represent you as your life will be affected by this decision.


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