Reality about Digital Media Marketing

In choosing the right digital agency, the second major factor that will play a role is what kind of budget you will devote to your digital strategy. A host of digital agencies exist and it can be quite a challenge to determine which one to use. Based on the budgets they work with, let’s split the industry down into various players. Take a look at the site here digital media marketing

The Top Tier

Many of the big advertising companies, often several agencies, have digital agencies.

Global sales are in the hundreds of millions in some situations, but digital work also does not distinguish them. The most complex of digital constructions can be managed by top tier organisations. Projects worth less than GBP 100k are frequently not implemented and regular rates often surpass GBP 1,200 per day.

The Second Tier

There were 17 standalone multimedia agencies in the UK in 2008 with billables of more than GBP 4 million, according to New Media Age. There are billables of between 2-4 m GBP in the second tier of digital agencies. Leading agencies at this stage also aspire to blue-chip ventures when investing in a higher profile generation of high-profile media websites. They often develop specialist technology skills or knowledge of the industry, such as e-commerce, booking technology or management of databases, but often rely on outside companies to provide them with specialist skills. On average, daily concentrations are about 900 GBP per day.

The Third Tier

Digital agencies of the Third Tier also take site and design jobs from their local field. Aspiring businesses in this sector also specialise in a sector (travel, music, motoring, etc.) and rely heavily on the pedigree of design or the relatively cheap entry point. Many are boutique agencies with billables of less than 2 m GBP. A small few have clear goals to step into the second level. With a large client win, some strike it lucky, some specialise in marketing or highly technical ventures. The regular rates differ, but they are mostly over GBP 600.