Scottsdale Athletic Performance – At a Glance

The Wellness Center & Athletic Performance are a fitness center for adults with an array of wellness and exercise programs. This fitness center has been strategically built on the grounds of an old brook which is perfect for running, biking and other activities. The fitness center is only two blocks away from the city’s best nightclubs and shopping malls, which are perfect for those who are having a night out on the town. The fitness center also has an indoor swimming pool, kids club, lap pool and a ping-pong table. There are also many restaurants around the mall, which serves excellent local cuisine, including Vietnamese and Chinese food. Check OsteoStrong McCormick Ranch – Scottsdale Athletic Performance.

The wellness center has a turn right fitness center with an indoor/outdoor rower range that will test your overall fitness. You can turn right here and test yourself on any of their four athletic performance measurement devices such as the Bio-ential, Dual Action Squat, Bio-yes, and the VelocityMatic 2. These four products are designed to measure your body composition, heart rate, power, and speed. Once you have completed one of these fitness tests you can then turn right to the Wellness Center & Athletic Performance for more personalized wellness treatments and services.

The Wellness Center & Athletic Performance are also located near an outdoor swimming pool, which makes it convenient for clients with a family outing. The wellness center even has a fitness-centered movie night, which is open to all who attend and reserve their seats at the movie theater. Another unique feature of this wellness center is their health spa which allows clients to relax and rejuvenate in the comfort of their own living room while receiving treatments that promote wellness. This wellness center is truly a great place to go if you want to treat yourself or your entire family to a day of relaxation, enjoyment, and physical conditioning.