Selecting The Best Vacuum For Pet Hair – Know What Features to Consider When Purchasing

Pets are a perfect addition to just about any home. But pets leave a lot of hair behind which is sometimes hard to get rid of. Shed dogs and cats leave animal hair behind on the furniture, floors and clothing. I strongly suggest you to visit to learn more about this. There are several gimmick type products on the market that claim to pick pet hair but there’s nothing like the Dyson DC28 doing the job. Probably one of the best choices when it comes to choosing the best pet hair vacuum is the Dyson DC28 vacuum.

The DC28 is extremely easy to assemble. Even if you’re not handy with materials, in no time at all you’ll have this vacuum going. Only a couple of clicks and you’re ready to go! This upright vacuum cleaner is easy to maintain, and needs no bulky bags. You just remove the canister and you’re done.

The Dyson DC28 Pet Hair Animal Vacuum Cleaner has the technology of no suction loss, so that you will never have to worry about losing suction when cleaning. A Dyson works on root cyclone technology which means that when using the Dyson, the fine dust and dirt that normally clogs up vacuums will not happen. The Dyson DC28 is the best pet hair vacuum so fine dog and cat hair won’t cause the vacuum to lose suction.

One of this vacuum cleaner’s most impressive features is its lifetime washable HEPA filter. You don’t have to worry about filter replacement ever. In fact anytime the filter is dirty cleaning it is as simple as running the filter under some water. However, you can let the filter dry until it is replaced in the vacuum. Also, you’ll enjoy going from carpets to non-carpeted floors with just a click of a button.

This DC28 is quite on the heavy side weighing in at twenty-eight (28) pounds; nevertheless, the vacuum is self-propelled so it glides with very little effort right across the board. You can also get to hard to reach areas like stairs and with the attachments used in between couch cushions. The mini-turbine head device is the perfect attachment for stairs and upholstery picking up pet fur from.