What You Need to Know Before Starting a Towing Business

In the United States, towing services are mostly needed. They’re mostly in demand as there are hundreds of traffic accidents every day. Besides that, there are also thousands of drivers committing parking violations. To add to that, more than a hundred vehicles break down every day in the middle of the road, too. As such the need for towing services is undeniably great. If you would like to learn more about this, please check out Tow Service in Portland.

Who runs towing enterprises?

Many towing companies are privately owned. In far-off counties, however, private towing companies work mostly within narrow roads and highways. Apart from the towing services that were created for the sole purpose of towing; some companies that operate large fleet of vehicles such as those offering rentals for vehicles and those providing bus or car service also have their own towing department. Many State road authorities run tow trucks on their own in the case of major highways and toll roads. Police departments, fire fighters, and highway authorities also have their own departmental towing services.

Some basic facts about the regular towing process To ensure all is in order in a towing company, most tow truck operators use a structured dispatch center. Tow truck drivers are given regular towing assignments alongside their corresponding trucks. If towing services are provided, the requests are sent to the dispatch centre. The dispatch center distributes the demand to tow truck operators.

The dispatching unit mostly communicates with the tow truck drivers via mobile data terminals and the regular mobile radios. However, wireless phone equipment is also being used by major towing industries these days, due to the latest technological advances. The Global Positioning System (GPS) and on-board communication systems make use of towing facilities operated by huge car rental service providers and bus companies.

Usual tools needed If you think shipping and airline industries are using navigation software then you should think differently. Many towing companies are now using navigation systems to tell the position of the vehicles to be towed, relative to the direction of the tow trucks.

We make use of those automated vehicle position (AVL) systems in major towing firms, which are often used to assess the tow truck is nearest to the customer in need of their services. The dispatch center also makes use of the tow truck to track their servicing tow trucks. The majority of AVL devices use the GPS technology.