What’s Needed to know about MSK Therapy & Injury Management

Hurts to orthopedic surgery! Orthopedic or surgical trauma causes discomfort and swelling. By using a cold therapy unit to alleviate these symptoms, the safest way to treat pain and swelling is We have all been advised to ice an injury, but traditional ice packs and ice bags are messy and painful and do not maintain a consistent, specific therapy temperature range. Cold therapy units provide a more comfortable cold which improves tolerance for patients. Checkout MSK Therapy & Injury Management.

The IsoComforter Cold Therapy pad ‘s innovative Iso-Tube design will minimize the fluid accumulation causing discomfort and pain. The swelling can be minimized by removing heat from the wounded area, and the recovery time can be shortened too.

The device offers continuous cold therapy for an prolonged period of time between ice changes by using ice and water that is pumped from an enclosed cold therapy unit to a pad that is applied to the injury or post op site.

Rehabilitation can be significantly impacted by the inability to minimize inflammation that can cause extreme pain. Cold therapy systems are well established for alleviating these symptoms and encouraging the patient to continue the healing process. The cold therapy unit CryoTech 100TM offers pain relief for patients with post-surgical, orthopedic injuries and sports injury. Together with our cold therapy unit our Iso Tube uni flow pads provide a more continuous flow of cool water to the affected spot.

The cold therapy device on IsoComforter is comfortable. The cold therapy unit IsoComforterCryoTech 100TM is designed to prevent any misunderstanding and handling of the operations. The self-priming pump allows the patient to attach the correct ice and water and simply plug into the wall adapter to start the cycle of recirculation.

The CryoTech 100TM cold therapy unit can be used above and below the wound region without having to use elevation to manually pump or prime. IsoComforter acknowledges that there is some frustration among patients and we aim to make the healing process as easy and as short as possible.